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Study - Bioptron Hyperlight as treatment in chronic oral mucosal pain(Dr.Petruzzi, Italy 2019)

Bijgewerkt op: 22 sep. 2020

1. Polarized Polychromatic Non-coherent Light (Bioptron Light) as adjunctive treatment in chronic oral mucosal pain: a pilot study (Dr. Petruzzi, Italy, 2019)

Mouth affections are very unpleasant and if it is not treated on time and correctly could evolve in more complex problems.

This study aimed to assess the efficacy of Bioptron Light therapy in the treatment of Chronic Oral Mucosal Pain (COMP). COMP is defined as a pain lasting more than 3 months and outlasting the inflammatory stimulus. Different pathologies, including burning mouth syndrome, aphthous ulcers, stomatitis (inflammation of mouth and/or lips) and chronic ulcerations can cause COMP. The chronic pain is often characterized by a burning, stinging, or sore sensation that impairs the patients’ quality of life and increases the risk of psychological morbidities such as anxiety and depression. There exists pharmacological treatments for COMP, but their long term use can cause side and/or undesired effects or in some cases be ineffective. New therapeutic strategies have been employed to limit pain and the consequent patients’ frustration.

In this study 22 subjects suffering from COMP were diagnosed by two blinded independent medical doctors, who evaluate the severity of the symptoms. The pain and a degree of improvement was assessed and tested before staring the treatment, at the end of the fourth week, and at the end of the eight weeks. All patients were treated with the current pharmacological treatment used for each oral problem. Half of them were in addition treated with Bioptron2, during 15 minutes twice a week (Figure 1).

Figure 1 (A) C-shaped device used in dentistry. (B) Patient wearing the c- shaped device during Bioptron treatment.

4 weeks after beginning of the treatment the patients who received Bioptron therapy as adjuvant therapy presented a better healing state and they had less pain than the patients receiving only the pharmacological treatment.

After 8 weeks of treatments both groups improved, but again, group treated with Bioptron Light Therapy presented a bigger improvement than those patients treated only with pharmacological products.

In conclusion, patients receiving additional treatment with Bioptron showed a faster and more effective improvement of symptoms and oral signs, compared with patients undergoing exclusively pharmacological therapy.

Bioptron therapy characteristics provide different biostimulative actions that are involved in pain relief, healing, anti-inflammation and signs reduction.

Available Reference upon Request:

Petruzzi M, Nardi GM, Cocco F, Della Vella F, Grassi R, Grassi FR. Polarized Polychromatic Noncoherent Light (Bioptron Light) as Adjunctive Treatment in Chronic Oral Mucosal Pain: A Pilot Study. Photobiomodul Photomed Laser Surg. 2019 Apr;37(4):227-232.


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