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Study - Bioptron Light Therapy in the complex treatment and recovery after radiological treatment

Bijgewerkt op: 20 okt. 2020

Bioptron Light Therapy in the complex treatment and recovery after

radiological treatment (Testimonial, Dr. Bryatova, Dr. Sivokhina and Dr. Zolotaryova, 2019, Samara, Russia)

Cancer is nowadays, unfortunately, one of the most common and complicated diseases to treat. The treatments of the disease, such as chemo and radiotherapy have a lot of side effects. In the Rehabilitation Department of the Samara Regional Clinical Oncologic Dispensary at Samara (Russia) the medical doctors were using Bioptron Light Therapy as an adjuvant Therapy to treat the side effects of radiotherapy in 65 women who suffered a mastectomy.

To diminish the pain of women who have undergone radiological treatment the doctors used

transcranial electrostimulation (TES, it consists to give small electrical currents through

external electrodes on the skull, to modulate the analgesia at central nervous level) in

combination with Bioptron as a local method for treating post-radiation changes of the skin and mucosae. They used Bioptron 2, because the light diameter of 15 cm is sufficiently large to cover the area irradiated with radiotherapy. Procedures were carried out daily, once a day, for 6-8 minutes per area for 7-10 days (Figure 2).

Figure 2. Woman receiving Bioptron Light Therapy, with a Bioptron 2 device, after radiotherapy treatment.

After 3-5 sessions of combined therapy (TES and Bioptron), patients noted an improvement in their general condition, decrease of edema and pain in the affected area. As clinical results, doctors


- a stabilization of blood flow parameters (76% of cases)

- reduction of pain syndrome and skin sensitivity disorders (96%)

- decrease of edema in the radiation zone and the arm on the surgery side (84%)

- acceleration of the regeneration period of damaged tissues (in 3-4 days)

- return of a positive psycho-emotional state in almost all patients.

In patients with cancer the treatment to fight against the disease is very important, but also the therapies aiming to improve the rehabilitation and the general state of patients. In this Hospital of Samara, the use of Bioptron light therapy in combination with TES allows to optimize the rehabilitation process, reducing the degree of disability and improving the prognosis and quality of life of patients. These health improvements have also positive consequences in a more global level, decreasing the period of hospitalization and also the number of patients who need to be re-hospitalized. Logically, these improvements in patients’ health and recovery have a big impact in the economic budget of the hospitals and institutions, decreasing the costs derived from new hospitalizations and care of patients.

Bioptron Light Therapy is a very effective adjuvant treatment in cancer patients who underwent a

mastectomy and received radiotherapy. Bioptron Light Therapy will help patients to fight against

the negative side effects of radiotherapy, by decreasing pain and inflammation as well as by

improving their general well-being. Subsequently the psycho-emotional state of patients will

improve boosting even the recovery progress. In general patients spend less time in the hospital

thanks to their health improvement. Bioptron Light Therapy is not medically certified to treat

cancer, but is a good ally to enhance the recovery during and after the delicate period of radiotherapy.

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